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Love to play with your cats?

Our Spinny is the perfect way to keep your cat entertained, happy, and keep them from tearing up your home!

Take advantage of our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and try our Windy today! The perfect toy that keeps your cat happy even when you're not around to play!

**Not available in stores

✔️ REDUCE ANXIETY: The soft center is perfect for chewing and rubbing giving your cat a sense of stress relief.

✔️ REDUCE DESTRUCTION: When left alone or not being watched cats can get into things they are not supposed to, keep your cat happy and out of trouble.

✔️ ENCOURAGE CATS NATURAL BEHAVIOR: Cats come from a long line of hunters, encourage your cat's natural hunting and playful instincts!

✔️ 100% AUTOMATED: Don't worry about keeping your pet busy all day, our Spinny keeps your cat playing all day on its own! 

✔️ GLOW BALL AND CATNIP: Our Spinny can hold a glowing light or catnip or both at the same time to keep your cat excited no matter the day!

✔️ USE ANYWHERE: Simply stick it to any surface such as a window, door, table, or floor and let your cats enjoy!

✔️ INCREASE HAPPINESS: Cat get sad when they are bored, keep your cat playing all day on their own and increase their happiness.