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APETLOVER™-Dog Bathing Machine

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  Portable so you can bathe your dog in any room of the house with virtually no mess

 Cleans from the skin up with specially designed nozzles that go beneath the fur

 Cleans a 80lb+ dog with less than 48 oz of water vs traditional bathing in a tub which can use up to 19 gallons of water

 System includes Portable Bath Unit, Bath Tool with Storage Bag, Microfiber Sound Dampening Mat, Face & Paws Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and 16 oz. No-Rinse Shampoo

 Note – Sound/noise emitted is similar to a vacuum. For best results, your dog should not be afraid of the sound of a vacuum. Training steps are provided in the user guide materials to acclimate noise-sensitive and anxious dogs.

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A great dog grooming tool to have!

The BARKBAT, 1st Gen, is a faster, easier and less messy way to bathe your four-legged family member. This portable bathing system allows you to bathe your pet practically anywhere and anytime with virtually no mess.

Now there is a faster, easier and less messy way to bathe your dog! The BISSELL BarkBath is portable and allows you to give your dog a bath anywhere in the house without having to get near a tub or outdoor hose. The specially designed nozzles go beneath the fur to wash from the skin up while soft suction pulls water, dirt and odors away. Welcome to the next generation of bathing your dog. Keep the unit away from walls and cabinets to facilitate sound reduction. To avoid leaks-Make sure the solution cap on the bathing tool is in place with a gasket in the cap. Ensure machine hose is locked in place into the bathing tool; Hold trigger until water comes out

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